10 Craft Ideas to Engage Your Toddler

Many of us are forced to make adjustments to our daily routine following the announcement by the Dutch government to close all schools and other institutions. Looking after your child and making sure he/she stays safe is a big task for many parents. Let's all help out by sharing some ideas to keep our kids busy and us parents sane. I have written down 10 crafty activities that you could do with your kids during this crisis. Hope it helps! Stay safe and sane everyone xx

Idea 1: Nature Stamping

Blog 4 Nature Stamping

This is one of my favourite spring activity. Thankfully, going outside is not banned. You can still enjoy the warm spring weather and go outside while keeping a safe distance from each other. Take your kids to a park and collect some twigs, leaves and flowers. Using an air-dry ceramic clay, stamp your spring findings. Let your creation dry for at least 24 hours before painting. 

blog 4 nature stamping 2

Idea 2: DIY Easter Eggs


It's Easter next month and there are loads of fun craft activities to do with your kids surrounding the Easter theme. So here's one. A DIY Easter Egg. This one is made using newspapers and paper mache paste. For details, click here to read my 'Unique Easter Tree' blog.

Idea 3: DIY Beads Necklace

Putting a thread through beads helps to develop your child's find motor skills. The necklace you see above was made using wooden beads and handmade paper beads. An alternative idea would be to use penne pasta. I let my daughter paint the pasta before threading. 

Idea 4: DIY Butterfly Wings 

With the arrival of spring, we'll start to see more butterflies. Why not pretend to be one of them by making your child's own butterfly wings? You don't need any expensive materials for this crafting. All you need is a cardboard, an elastic band and pretty stickers. 

Idea 5: Potato Stamping

Am I exaggerating to say that every Dutch household has a sac of potatoes? Help your child carve some shapes and make unique potato stamps.

Idea 6: DIY Binoculars

One of my favourite workshops is to show kids how to make their own binoculars. Make one with your child and take it to a park for some spring exploration. 

Idea 7: Postal Service

I can't take credit on this idea as it was my brother-in-law's idea but this activity was an instant hit with my toddler. Using an empty shoe box, cut out a horizontal slit and paint the box (we painted it orange because that's the colour of Dutch Post). Your family members can write letters to each other and have your toddler deliver them. 

Idea 8: DIY Princess Crown

Is your toddler also like mine and is fascinated by EVERYTHING and ANYTHING pink, glitter and princess? Then this activity is a no-brainer. Even if he/she is not into princesses, they can make one for their friend, mama, grandma or other special someone. 

Idea 9: DIY Emotions Card


Learning to read expressions is a very useful and necessary skill for your toddler. Get them to understand more about different emotion types by asking them to pose in front of a camera with different expressions or simply sitting down together and drawing different emotions. 

Idea 10: DIY Musical Instruments

Don't let the corona virus kill your joy for music. Make various musical instruments with your kids and form a band! Have fun making beautiful tunes together!

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