5 Seashell Craft Ideas You & Your Kids Will Adore!


Beach season is almost upon us! Why not make your trip to the beach extra memorable with one of these craft activities? You will find a short video tutorial on our instagram @collectionaise.


Idea 1 - Seashell Jewerly Holders. Using a decoupage glue, paste a paper of your choice onto the inside of the seashell. A layer of paper napkin works the best.


blog_seashell_07Idea 2 - Mermaid Inspired Hair Accessory. Is your child also into mermaids and anything glittery? Then she'll love this idea. All you need to do is hot glue a seashell onto a bobby pin. And paint the seashell using acrylic paint. I also used some rhinestones to make it extra magical. 


blog_seashell_10Idea 3 - Gift Tag with Seashell Stamp. For this craft project, you'll need a pack of air dry ceramic. Make shapes and stamp it with seashells. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before painting. 


Idea 4 - Seashell Necklace. When you are out looking for some seashells, you'll find that some of them have natural holes. I used these holes to make these adorable necklace pendants. 


Idea 5 - Seashell Mosaic. This craft project is especially nice for kids. All you need to do is shape air dry ceramic clay, and decorate it with seashells and sea glass. For the extra strength, it's good idea to coat the creation with some decoupage glue. This will keep the seashells in tact and add shine.


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