DIY Bird Feeder Type 2

In my previous blog 'DIY Bird Feeder' I shared a super simple recipe for a bird feeder that you can hang in your balcony or garden. In this blog, I'm going to share another type of bird feeder which I find works better for bigger birds. It's been such a delight to watch birds come in and out of our little garden feeding themselves. My daughter loves the book "Shh! We have a Plan" by Chris Haughton and everytime we see a bird stop by, she goes "shhhhhhhhhhhhh". This bird feeder is also super simple to make so enjoy making with your kids and hope you have fun during this very strange and challenging times.

Below, you will find my very humble illustration on how to make the bird feeder. All you need is an empty milk carton (can be either plastic or paper), a stick or a twig, a long piece of string, a cutter blade and paint & brush. Oh! And don't forget bird seeds!

If you make one, don't forget to share your creation with us on Instagram or Facebook @collectionaise. We see birds feed off our little bird feeder everyday but the only down side is, you can't really choose what birds to show up. We mostly get


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