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DIY - Unique Easter Egg Tree Idea

This is my second Easter in the Netherlands. Last year, I noticed something particularly different from the Easter celebration in Australia. And that is people buying large tree branches and decorating them with little ornaments. I asked my Dutch husband but being brought up in an atheist family, his family has never practiced this tradition and he didn't even notice it until I pointed out... (some men are so oblivious).

Curious, I went online and learned that the decorating tree branches is originally a German tradition but nowadays the tradition is observed in surrounding countries including the Netherlands. This year, I also wanted to take part in this tradition and make it into a nice craft project with my toddler.

Buying ready to paint eggs is convenient but it could also end up hurting your wallet. So instead, I decided to make egg-shaped ornaments using newspapers and paper mache paste.

1. Make a ring with a string and tape it onto a sheet of newspaper. Then roll the newspaper so it resembles an egg.

Easter Tree Decoration Idea 1 

 2. Cover the newspaper eggs with paper mache paste. I got my daughter involved in this process. It becomes a nice sensory activity. Let the eggs dry for at least 24 hours.

Easter Tree Idea 2

Easter Tree Idea 3

3. The eggs are now ready to be coloured or decorated. With my Easter eggs, I decided to use some candy wrappers. A friend of mine gave me a souvenir from China last year. It was a bag full of The White Rabbit soft candies. I've always liked the packaging of The White Rabbit and kept the empty wrappers for my future crafting. Being Easter and all, I thought it makes sense to link The White 'Rabbit' with my Easter eggs. I used Mod Podge to paste the wrappers onto the eggs. I love Mod Podge, it doesn't stink and dries super fast. 

Easter Tree Idea 4 

Voila! This is what my Easter Tree this year looks like. Something unique and 100% handmade. If you're looking for the same candy wrapper, I'm pretty certain you can get them at an Asian grocery store. 

Easter Tree Idea 5

Easter Tree Idea 6

Easter Tree Idea 7

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