[Kids Craft Idea] How to Make a Milk Carton Hat


What is your child's favourite soft toy? My daughter's soul mate is an orange cat named Dikkie Dik. When she was one, I took her to the Kinderboekenmuseum (museum of children's books) in the Hague. There, she saw Dikkie Dik for the first time, reached for it and basically never let it go. The cat is a character from the famous Dutch children's book series and she claims Dikkie Dik's label is the best thing ever and it helps her feel better. I envy the relationship she has with Dikkie Dik (seriously though, they need to come up with more export-friendly name...) because I don't think I had a comforter growing up. My husband had one, it's a bear and he calls it 'bee' (bear in Dutch is beer). He still has his bee (no, he doesn't sleep with it anymore) and I think that is quite special and sweet. Did you have a soft toy friend growing up?


Ever since the lockdown in the Netherlands started, my daughter and I allocate craft time everyday. At first, it was me telling her what we are going to make on the day. But lately, she tells me what she wants to make and I just go with the flow. Sometimes, these requests are quite challenging. Like the other day, when she asked whether we could make her a Dikkie Dik hat. Hmmmmmmmm.



I found this super easy hat tutorial online using 2 milk cartons. It looks complicated but seriously, it is super duper easy. 

What You'll Need:
- 2 x Empty Milk Cartons 
- Cutter Knife
- Tape
- Stapler
- Scissors
- Pen
- Paint and Cardboard

View the video tutorial below and learn to make one today! Don't forget to share your creation with us on instagram [@collectionaise] or email us [hello@collectionaise.com]




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