Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird?
Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird?
Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird?
Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird?
Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird?
Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird?
Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird?

Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird?

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Softcover | English
Author: Yoko M Gomi

Written in Delft, Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird? is a children's book that reminds us all to be cheerful, thoughtful and helpful. In a hidden valley full of nature and sunshine, there lives a flock of colourful Kuku Birds. One morning, one of them wakes up to find the rest of the nests empty. Where have they gone? And what will this Kuku Bird do? You and your child will love the colourful and vibrant artwork, and spotting silly looking birds together. Available in 3 languages: English, Dutch and Japanese.

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For ages: 2-7

Language: English

Format: Softcover, 24 pages

Dimensions: 17 x 24 cm, 115 g

Publication Date: 20 August 2020

Publication City/Country: Delft, the Netherlands

ISBN: 9789464024593


Simply amazing! My two and half yrs old toddler loves it! A book about being kind and embracing the difference, beautifully presented and easily understood by children. Both me and my son already cannot wait for a series of 'Kuku Bird' stories.
-- Emily in Sydney, Australia 

My little guy loves looking at the beautiful artwork and I love the message the book is trying to teach.
-- Nancy in Sydney, Australia 

My kids love the Kuku Bird a lot, especially the colourful and entertaining illustrations in the book. The story is easy for children to follow and understand.
-- Yenju in Delft, the Netherlands

Have You Heard of a Kuku Bird is a beautifully illustrated book with a lovely message, reminding children to be kind and helpful to others. It has become a firm favourite in our house, and regularly chosen for a bedtime story, which I’m very happy about!
-- Naomi in Delft, the Netherlands