Free delivery in Delft. Free shipping in NL for orders over EUR 20 and EUR 40 (Other EU).
Free delivery in Delft. Free shipping in NL for orders over EUR 20 and EUR 40 (Other EU).
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Our Aim

Kids Workshops
  • Our kids workshop has one theme: craft activity that is not only fun to make but to play with afterwards. Let it be butterfly wings, masks or pinwheels, we want kids to experience the joy of making something that he/she can enjoy playing with.    
  • We try and incorporate 'everyday' materials such as cardboards, plastic bottles and toilet paper rolls. We want to teach kids that objects that are typically discarded can be turned into something super exciting.
  • Our aim is to help develop imagination and build confidence through creative crafting.
  • We want kids to meet other kids around their age and find joy in doing something together, and hopefully build a friendship. Same goes for the parents!
Adult Workshops
  • Being absorbed in a creative activity can help you relax and find your inner balance. Through our workshops, we want to create a space where you can take a moment from your busy schedule and just unwind.
  • We want to create a social space where you can meet and connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. 
Handmade Products
  • We offer handmade products made with love in the Netherlands. Each piece is unique, and there is beauty in slight imperfection.
  • A portion of the profit from these handmade products will help fund our free workshops and volunteer work we do to bring communities together (e.g. Delft and international families).

The Maker


Hi, I’m Yoko and I founded my creative space Collectionaise in 2019. I live in Delft, the Netherlands with my husband and daughter. And I love working on creative projects.

The purpose of Collectionaise is simple: to create a fun, engaging and creative learning space for everyone. In 2017, 3 months after giving birth to my daughter, I was diagnosed with an early stage of cancer. The news combined with the pressure of becoming a new parent hit me hard. To add to my stress, my family and I were in a car accident the following year. Although I am grateful that none of my family members was seriously injured and I am currently healthy, it was a long process for me to handle the experience. Absorbing myself in creative projects really helped me to tackle my anxiety and through Collectionaise, I want to offer a mindful space for people to discover their creativity and find a creative outlet to relax and unwind. 

Cross-cultural communication is another passion of mine. I was raised overseas and I always enjoyed meeting people from various cultural backgrounds and learning from them. I have Bachelor of Comparative Culture and my workshops often incorporate elements I acquired from my studies. 

Collectionaise is always looking for exciting ways to innovate. If you have a new workshop idea or would like to have your products featured on our website, give us a shout. I have a master's degree in Commerce, and with the extensive experience I gained in sales and marketing, we can work together to develop effective strategies for your ideas and creations!

I hope to see you in our workshops and hear your story xx