At Collectionaise, we aim to inspire others to embrace creativity through our craft workshops and handmade products, we also love to share simple DIY craft ideas to inspire others to create. WE LOVE CREATIVITY. It's simple as that.

Kids Workshops
  • Our kids workshop has one theme: Crafty Play. It's a craft activity that is not only fun to make but to play.  
  • Wherever possible, we use 'everyday' household recycling such as cardboards, plastic bottles and toilet paper rolls. We want to teach kids that objects that are typically discarded can be turned into something super exciting.
  • We love to help develop imagination and build confidence through creative crafting.
  • We want kids to meet other kids around their age and find joy in doing something together, and hopefully build a friendship. Same goes for the parents!
Adult Workshops
  • Being absorbed in a creative activity can help you relax and find your inner balance. Through our workshops, we want to create a space where you can take a moment from your busy schedule and just unwind.
  • We want to create a social space where you can meet and connect with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds. 
Handmade Products
  • We offer handmade products made with love in the Netherlands. Each piece is unique, and there is beauty in slight imperfection.
  • A portion of the profit from these handmade products will help fund our free workshops and volunteer work we do to bring communities together (e.g. Delft and international families).


Hi, thanks for stopping by. My name is Yoko and I am the owner of Collectionaise. I started my creative business in 2019 to share my passion for crafting and to create a safe space for kids and adults around Delft to meet and enjoy playful creative activity together.

Why am I so passionate about crafting? Immersing myself in a creative activity has helped me manage some of the stressful time of my life. In 2017, 3 months after giving birth to my daughter, I was diagnosed with an early stage of cancer. The news combined with the pressure of becoming a new parent hit me hard. To add to my stress, my family and I were in a car accident the following year. Although I am grateful that none of my family members was seriously injured and I am currently healthy, it was a long process for me to handle the experience. Absorbing myself in creative projects really helped me to tackle my anxiety and through Collectionaise, I want to offer a mindful space for people to discover their creativity and find a creative outlet to relax and unwind. 

Living in the Netherlands as a foreigner and as a parent can sometimes be quite lonely. Creating a safe space for parents and kids to meet and share their creative energy together is one of my goals. I find it wonderful that there are people from different cultures living in Delft and the surroundings. I always enjoy meeting people from diverse cultural backgrounds and I believe children benefit from interacting with other kids from another cultural background. 

Thank you and I hope we can inspire each other to create xx