Delft Blue Origami Flower Sphere
Delft Blue Origami Flower Sphere

Delft Blue Origami Flower Sphere

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Introducing the Delft Blue Collection by Collectionaise. Inspired by the historical Delft Blue pottery which flourished in the Netherlands from the 17th century. The pattern on these origami papers are 100% Collectionaise original work and design.

The Japanese Kusudama is a paper model that is created by connecting multiple identical pyramidal units together to form a spherical shape. Traditionally, kusudama was used as incense and contained bunches of flowers or herbs. Nowadays, they serve as a home decor item and you can hang it from a wall/ceiling or simply place it on a table to add unique style.
  • Sphere: (L) 11 x (H) 11 cm
  • 100% original work & design
  • Handmade in Delft, the Netherlands
  • Order made, require 1 week production time

Please note that due to the product being handmade, the colour, shape and size may differ depending on the item.