Handmade Piñatas - Basic
Handmade Piñatas - Basic
Handmade Piñatas - Basic
Handmade Piñatas - Basic

Handmade Piñatas - Basic

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What is a piñata?

Piñata is a container made of paper mache, decorated and filled with lots of fun treats. Piñatas are typically used for children's birthday parties where kids take turns to break the piñatas with the end goal of reaching the treats inside. In some parties, kids are even blind folded to make the breaking process more challenging!  It's a fun way to engage and entertain kids. A sure way to get them excited and burn energy!!

Collectionaise piñata

At Collectionaise, we make handmade piñatas using old newspapers and other household recycling. We love to create and play with things that would otherwise get thrown away.

The basic piñata uses a balloon as the base. That means, with this option, we are unable to make piñatas that aren't round, such as stars, hearts, numbers, etc. If you are keen on a specific shaped piñata, please contact us for a quote [hello@collectionaise.com].   

The content of the piñata depends on the age group, with a budget of around 2 euros worth of goodies per child. For instance, for a 4 year old birthday, we included some balloons, raisins, marshmallows and flower seeds.

The price of a piñata depends on the number of kids:

  • Piñata for 4-5 kids: 25 euros (including delivery within NL)
  • Piñata for 6-8 kids: 30 euros (including delivery within NL)
  • Piñata for 9-12 kids: 35 euros (including delivery within NL)  

We only accept piñata orders from the Netherlands and the delivery fee is included in the price.

How to order a piñata?

Keen to order a piñata from us? Simply select and pay for the piñata via our website. Please keep in mind that we require minimum of 1 week for the production. 

Once we receive your order, we will email you to request further information such as:

  • Date of the event
  • Number of kids
  • Type of celebration (if it is a birthday, what age are you celebrating?)
  • Request for the piñata (colour? animal? character?) 

Looking forward to making your child's special day extra memorable xx